How to Start Pig Farming/Rearing Business in Nigeria

Have you thought about starting a pig farm in Nigeria? Pig farming, rearing or breading business is one of the most lucrative livestock farming practices in Nigeria and this post covers all the necessary information you need to start pigs rearing business in Nigeria.

In Africa, Nigeria is one of the largest pork producers. Production for industrial use has grown rapidly with many millions of head in recent years, with subsistence production declining.
Ogun State in Western Nigeria is seen as the largest pig breeding state in Nigeria, and the sector has developed there in a very profitable way, advancing in relation to technological aspects that are increasingly integrated into the local reality.

The region corresponds to 50% of the national production, and in some places in Nigeria there is still a lack of pig farming practices. The potential farmers wishing to go into this Pig business should know the secrets to being successful in it as it can be capital intensive to start just as cattle rearing business.

Pig Rearing in nigeria
The Nigerian meat market is currently undergoing significant changes and it is necessary to understand how it all happened.
In the past, beef was the most used by Nigerians, and today we see the expansion of chicken meat that already exceeds beef sales in the first quarters of year 2020 and is the main type of white meat appreciated here especially in the South East.
Pork meat, although not a leader in the sector, is one of the most used and is still a substrate for the production of sausage (a food widely consumed mainly in barbecues).
Canned goods also need a high demand for pork to be prepared, and spending on preserved and canned meats costs a lot of money.

New research is being done every day to improve numbers and market information to help new entrepreneurs who want to go into this business.

Some of my friends who finished NYSC program used the money they saved from the scheme to start Pig farming business and today most of them are now living comfortably and also employing other people instead of carrying files and searching for limited white collar jobs.

Here is picture of pig farming profitability; A fully grown Pig cost as high as N30,000 depending on the weight. Now, assuming you raise up to 200 pigs in a year, you will be making up to N6 Million from the sales. Also if you increase the number to like 2,000 pigs in year, you will be making upward of N60 Million. You can also decide to start small with just 10 pigs and this will give you return of roughly N300,000. Knowing that pigs reproduces very fast, it’s very realistic to double the number of pigs in your farm under one year.

Here are the steps to follow to start Pig farming.

Get A Breeding Land

Acquiring a land to raise your pigs is the first and toughest part of this business because pigs needs space to roam around freely but land is very expensive unless you are setting up the farm in an undeveloped rural area. Some land in these rural areas costs about N300,000 per plot. That will be enough to raise up to 100 pigs but for larger numbers, you need to acquire more plots of lands.

Also, while choosing a land, you should consider the close proximity to market, easy access road for delivering pig feeds and taking the pigs out for sale.

Build Standard Pens

After getting a land, the next step is building a standard Pen, By a “Standard Pen” I mean a very spacious Pen that will give the pigs enough freedom and space. This will help keep them healthy and free from disease outbreak. Also it, important to always keep the Pens neat as pigs are naturally dirty animals. Create a proper drainage system system to keep the floor dry at all time. Also create a water pool inside the farm to help the pigs swim to wash their bodies as pigs enjoy swimming. However, you have to ensure the water is regularly changed. A good shelter will help the pigs live healthy and reduce the cost of veterinary services.

Get Healthy Piglets

You have to be very careful in this stage because if you make a wrong choice, it could result to massive death of the pigs and great lost. It’s advisable to consult a vet Doctor to guide you in buying the right and healthy piglets to breed. Also, another secret here is to start with few numbers of Piglets and gradually increase it to your desired size.

Employ Workers

If you have a small scale Pig farm consisting about 10 pigs, you may not need to much labor as you can do it yourself but if you have up to 100 pigs in your farm, you need the services of at least 4 workers for proper maintenance of the farming and animals. The workers will make sure the pigs are well fed and taken care of.

Feeding The Pigs

Pigs eat like humans, in fact, they need balanced diets such as fibre, energy, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to grow fast and maintain healthy life. So this is another area where your money will go. Ensure you feed them well for better productivity and RIO.

Employ Vet Services

Once it comes to livestock farming, services of vet doctors are needed. This is because animals can get sick at any time and a vet will make sure the animals are healthy all the times.

These are the basic steps to start a pig farm in Nigeria but for the business to be successful, you have to put these tings in order.

6 Successful Steps To Set Up A Pig Farm

Best Pig Breeding

The main pig breed colors presented on the market for pork are: head, palette, loin, shank, foreleg, bacon, bacon, feet, eyes, tenderloin and tail.
And the other products obtained from pork exceed 100 different types. Sausage, as already mentioned, smoked loin, salami, pan, crackling and others are examples.
What is very important to know is the availability of the pig’s entire body, which is widely used, from blood to guts.
The entrepreneur then has a great chance of taking advantage of the raw material to be able to sell various and related products, instead of dedicating himself to just one specialty, which can decrease the chances of obtaining profitability.

Pig Breeding: Embedded

Thinking about sausages when setting up a pig farm is very important, first of all you need to know what you will produce when raising pigs.
The sausages are products made with minced and seasoned meat, usually with a similar shape. Under pressure, in a container of organic or non-organic origin, they are accessory products widely used in all parts of Brazil, and can be fresh or dried.
Dried sausages are fresh sausages and sausages are salami and mortadella for example. There are also cooked sausages, such as hams and sausages. To make the sausages, the creation of pigs does not only need pigs, but also spices, preservatives, guts and stabilizers.
Before the business opens, it is necessary for the entrepreneur to have ideas and to know more or less what he is going to produce, the difficulties and expectations of finding certain products in the region, the market options, the technologies involved and their financial possibilities.

Pig Breeding Productive Chain

In the swine production chain, we can make a simple division into three main groups. Primary production is carried out by full cycle pig farmers, mini landowners and others that are normally linked to processing industries.
Inputs and services are of great value in the industrial feed and breeding sector.
Processing, although there is no access to accurate information to profile the group, we know that the four largest companies have about 30% of the national slaughter and the ten largest about 40%.

Pig Breeding Advertisement

The pig breeding market has a vast possibility of launching its main benefits to the market in order to resort to advertising. Traditional advertising is a well-known benefit that brings attention to the ideas of the pig farmer.

The product and its concept generate consumer interest, which, stimulated by the acquisition process, runs after ways to achieve what was proposed to it, that is, they seek a way of communicating with the company to purchase products.
Advertising formats can be print ads, electronic ads, packaging, inserts, brochures, catalogs, billboards and others.
The association of the pig farming enterprise with other related companies may be good so that there is a possibility for these partners to help in some way in promoting the product. Many other forms of disclosure can still be proposed specifically for the establishment.
On television, we see that the main pig breeding brands choose to carry out campaigns with the brand name and not explaining one product or another and its characteristics, unless it is new in the market.
The reinforcement of the brand name can often become more profitable than the offer of products on promotion.
What will say this is the current situation of a pig breeding company, the possibility of investing heavily in more technological advertisements, the local reality and other aspects. High costs, if not used in a planned manner, may not contribute in the case of poor advertising.

Alternative Production Of Pig Breeding

Not just to make up the dinner table, the pig has been serving lately. In addition to being an excellent source of protein and fat in the Brazilian diet, the world of fashion and entertainment are some more examples of industries looking to raise pigs. But why?
The fashion world moves billions of dollars every year and the best way to identify the association of this sector that is apparently so far from pig breeding is the designers’ need to compose their collections with leather.
Pig leather is one of the most used in Brazilian fashion and, following global trends, it will be used widely over the next few years.
The entrepreneur must deeply study where his enterprise is able to be fitted and used, and thus formulate tactics to reach companies that are likely to need to buy their products to do business.
It is an entirely laborious task to have to be aware of what happens in all sectors of the industry, but incredibly pleasurable when the success of pig farming gains credibility within the market and brings satisfactory profits to the work done.
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Professional Pig Breeding

The professionals who will work with the raising of pigs must be very well chosen, as they need to be dynamic in the treatment of pigs.

The people who will work in raising pigs must have characteristics in common, such as dynamism, responsibility, friendliness with the client, patience and willingness to work.
These and each of the specific skills serve to make the service more and more pleasant from the consumer’s point of view, both socially and in the quality of the products and services offered. It is very common for people to again close deals with companies that have been trusted.
The personnel who will work in front of the public must have a good appearance and experience in contact with the sales and customer relations sector. Employees working in the cutting and production of products must be charged with proper hygiene habits.
Those who are in contact with pig farming should receive specific training. If the entrepreneur does not get qualified people for the positions, training with courses and lectures is the best option.


If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask.

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