How to Start Cattle Rearing / Farming in Nigeria

Cattle Rearing is the act of raising cattle for consumption or for commercial purposes. Some products from cattle such as meat, milk, leather and even it’s waste products are in high demand. So if you want to go into cattle Rearing business in Nigeria, this post will really help you put some vital things in place.

Do you want to start your cattle breeding? Learn everything you need to know here!

Have you finally managed to save a good amount of money and would you like to invest it in this area of livestock business, preferably in an area outside large urban centers?

In this case, how about migrating to the rural area and doubling your financial reserve? This is perfectly possible, just invest in this cattle farming business if you have the capital because it is highly capital intensive.

Cattle Rearing business in Nigeria

Cattle Rearing Business in Nigeria

One of the main activities carried out in Nigeria is agriculture, in which cattle rearing stands out, especially in the Northern part of the country.

This is one of the business sectors that is most valued today by the poor and the rich in the society, and can yield very high profits for those who follows the business plan correctly.

There are a number of factors that influences the price of cattle, mainly the origin, breed and size.

You may also be interested in setting up a dog training business, a practice that brings great profitability and has little competition in Nigerai.

The largest Nigerian cattle ranches are located in the North, which have the best conditions and properties for this business.

Before entering into Cattle rearing business, it is necessary to keep in mind that it requires a relatively high financial investment, in addition to knowing how to choose the most suitable breeds and keeping them healthy.

As an activity that requires high investments, it is important that you study the business thoroughly, learn exactly how to work in the sector, to be successful.

Because of all these complications that are involved in cattle farming business, I have created this post to help you know more about it and make the right decisions.

Terms In Cattle Rearing and Production

  • Bull: Adult male cattleCow: Adult female cattle
  • Calf: Newly born
  • Bull calf: Young male
  • Heifer: Young female
  • Bullock: Castrated male
  • Diary farming: production of milk
  • Spayed: Castrated female
  • Calving: Act of parturition or giving birth
  • Serving or service: Act of mating
  • Gestation: Pregnancy and it is 279 to 287 days

Types of Livestock
Are you interested in joining the agricultural sector by raising cattle? Well, the first thing to do is to know and determine what is the purpose that this activity will have.

Cattle Rearing Categories

Basically, it can be said that this type of livestock farming is divided into three categories;

  • Cattle raising
  • Milk production
  • Marketing

All types of cattle raising are profitable, and it is one of the most practiced businesses, since Nigerians consumes a lot of meat and it is possible to export it.

Milk production is also an excellent alternative to undertake due to the commercial diversity of the product. Finally, the marketing of cattle and its products is responsible for making millions of Naira, selling cattle per head for breeding and appreciation of breeds.

If you have a meat shop, you can have your own beef cattle, managing to maximize the gains and offer a tender meat, in which you know exactly the origin, increasing customer loyalty.

How to Start Cattle Rearing in Nigeria

Cattle farming, rearing or breading is a highly profitable business in Nigeria, however, in this industry it has no “softness” and all decisions can interfere with the product that will be made available to the final consumer.

Therefore, for your business to be a success from the beginning, follow the tips and guidelines we have prepared for you below, teaching you how to start raising cattle in a step by step tutorial:

1. Make a Plan for Livestock

Any business requires planning, also known as business plan, otherwise it is doomed to fail.

Therefore, it is recommended to checkout cattle rearing business plan. After that, setup the plan which should include actions such as, the type of cattle that will be raised (breed), what is their commercial purpose and the place where the activity or farming will be carried out.

One of the main planning issues concerns the capital that will be used to start this business, since this branch of livestock farming requires high amounts of money, being necessary to acquire the property and later the cows and oxen.

It is advisable to invest in breeds of high qualities, but that have a more accessible value.

2. Choose the Property for Livestock

The property here means land and structures on which the cattle will be raised. It is an important factor for the success of this business activity, mainly due to availability of food and other conducive environmental requirements.

It is recommended to choose farms with enough hectares to accommodate the animals comfortably, preventing them from being stressed or suffering other disorders.

The property must also offer easy access, have water nearby and offer quality grass. It is important to note if the region in which the property is located has regular periods of rain, as this is essential for the pasture to grow continuously.

3. Get the Cattle Breeding Facilities and Tools

After purchasing the property, it is necessary to acquire the facilities and tools for raising livestock. Analyze the property and check the changes that need to be made.

You will need to make fences, which serve to protect and keep livestock within the property. We also have to invest in facilities to house animals, feeders and drinking fountains, equipment for handling hay and for milking.

It is recommended to set up spaces for keeping livestock for when it is necessary to treat diseases, deliver or keep calves in the first months of life.

Remember to have a veterinary clinic that provides advice. The cost for veterinarians to visit animals privately is very high, which is why many farmers make fixed monthly payments to get help from the professional when necessary.

Although cattle are a large animal, it usually takes a lot of work to treat diseases, vaccines, etc., mainly because it is a food, being intensively supervised by surveillance.

4. Select Breeds for Livestock

The success of your livestock business depends on the type of cattle that will be raised, it is necessary to be very careful when selecting cattle breeds for rearing in Nigeria.

This process must be carried out according to the purpose that the animal will serve, the best idea is to choose breeds that are already known and that have been successfully raised in similar environments.

If the intention is to raise cattle for beef, it is recommended to choose the British White, Red Poll, Shorthorn, Hereford, or Galloway cattle bread, which are docile with little labor.

Now, if the purpose of the business is creation for milking or exhibition at auction, a good tip is to resort to the Guernseys, Swiss Brown, Jesey or Holstein breeds, which are the best milk producers.

5. Determine the Cattle Feed

Determining the feed that will be given to the cattle is essential to keeping it well treated and to guarantee the quality of the final product, both with regard to meat and milk.

To feed the animals, it is recommended to make a combination of quality grass and appropriate feed.

If the green pastures or grasses are not enough in your farm, you can buy and plant it, this is important to maintain a good feed for the animals and reduce the costs with the purchase of feed. In addition, meals can also be supplemented with hay.

6. Keep Animals Healthy

Regardless of the breed the cattle must be kept healthy. That is why it is recommended to hire veterinarians to assess the development of the animals.

In addition to adding medicines in the feed such as worms and vitamins, which prevent cattle from getting sick and generating damage.

7. Manage Livestock

Practical care with cattle breeding in practice is fundamental, but not everything, as it is also necessary to manage the execution of the activity, otherwise the business will not go “forward”.

Therefore, it is recommended to create livestock control methods, which allows you to know exactly the total number of cattle in your farmland.

Reports should be made on the breeds acquired and how they behaved. It is necessary to control the financial data of the activity, such as expenses with the acquisition of tools, animals, food and maintenance.

From this information it is possible to determine the price at which the product will be marketed.

Why Invest in Cattle Rearing?

The number of people who decide to invest in livestock is increasing, and it is not for nothing, after all, there are several reasons that corroborate for this decision to be taken.

In the first place, without a doubt, one of the main reasons for going into cattle farming is the profit that this can bring, since the product is highly valued in the market.

Cattle breeding also offers commercial diversity, such as beef, auction, and milk production, which allows farmers to choose one or more ways to earn money.

In addition, Nigeria has regions suitable for cattle breeding, offering climate and adequate food for animals. Whether you are in the North, West, South or East, you can comfortably rear cows to make a living.

Cattle Rearing Facts

  • Cattle farming is highly profitable and lucrativeIt’s a long term business so it requires patience
  • Cattle rearing is capital intensive farming business
  • It also a labor-intensive business
  • It can be done under different systems which include feedlot system, cow-calf system, grass-fed system, grass-fed and grain-finished system
  • This livestock farming requires a vast land size, property and adequate, clean water and water resources. This is because cattle drink a lot of water every day more than human beings.
  • A rich pasture is required to feed cattle
  • The farmer needs to have a good knowledge of genetics and animal breeding
  • Adequate management is necessary to get the best out of the animals
  • Sheds and barns are very important in this type of livestock farming. Trees will serve as shade when the ambient temperature is high so plant some trees in the farm
  • It is important to fence the farm
  • Services of experts such as veterinarians, nutritionists and breeders are vital to maintain a healthy livestock.

Now that you know how to start a cattle Rearing business in Nigeria, stop procrastination and start the business if you have the money.

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