mukanet blog

Mukanet is born out of the passion to share my wealth of knowledge acquired all through the years with my audience. It is all about my daily experiences and activities as a local farmer.

On this blog, I update you with my ever flourishing farming skills.

As a farmer with over 28 hectares of land, I have a lot of experience in planting, cultivation, harvesting and marketing of several agricultural products. Topics under this category will cover areas like bush clearing, crop planting, weeding, cultivation and selling.

Crops such as Maize, Melon, Pumpkin etc will be discussed on this blog as well as other useful and popular farm products.

By following my simplified pattern of writing, you will understand every bit of information you searched for.

I also welcome comments, feedback and questions on any topic of discuss on this blog. I will do well to attend to you and make things clearer and easier.

I’m a graduate of Agricultural Science from the University of Agriculture Umudike with 2:1.

Welcome to mukanet.com, it’s my small way of making the world better through sharing of knowledge that will be useful to all interested.

For more information about me, this website or my services, kindly contact me.